Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New collections in time for Christmas!

With Halloween behind us, it`s time to gear up for Christmas. Check out our new collections of toys.

Maple Landmark has a great collection of Vermont maple trains, cars, blocks. Some pieces have no finish at all, pure wood, making them a fabulous choice for organic toys. The name trains can also be mounted on a rack on the wall for wall decor. These trains can also be used with the train tracks.

We have had customers looking for Christmas train sets, Thomas trains, and other model trains. I found a great collection of model trains to add to the toy train collection. Our model train collection is from Bachmann trains and Lionel trains. The Polar Express train set is on order and can be put on a waiting list.

Apple Park of San Francisco had a large collection of organic plush animals, puppets and coordinating blankets. Some wonderful items for the tots to cuddle up with.

Please remember that orders to Canada (shipping for the US) need to be placed about 2-3 weeks before the item is needed.

Have a great Tuesday as we decide what to do with all the Halloween candy!

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